Best-selling author of 'Democracy', 'Individutopia', 'Money Power Love' & 'The Little Voice'.


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This is the story of Alfred Freeman, a boy who does everything he can, to serve humankind. He feeds five-thousand youths, salves-saves-and-soothes, and champions the maligned. He helps paralytics to feel fine, turns water into wine, and gives sight to the blind.


When World War One draws near, his nation is plunged into fear, and so Alfred makes a stand. He opposes the war and calls for peace, disobeys the police, and speaks out across the land. He makes speeches, and he preaches, using statements which sound grand.


But the authorities hit back, and launch a potent-attack, which is full of disgust-derision-and-disdain. Alfred is threatened with execution, and suffers from persecution, which leaves him writhing in pain. He struggles to survive, remain alive, keep cool and stay sane.


'Involution & Evolution' is a masterpiece of rhyme, with a message which echoes through time, and will get inside your head. With colourful-characters and poetic-flair, it is a scathing critique of modern-warfare, and all its gory-bloodshed. It's a novel which breaks new ground, is sure to astound, and really must be read!

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